Hebel building products: engineered for durability

Hebel is a professional brand of building material that contains autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), which is renowned for high performance, versatility and strength.

This lightweight masonry material is made by replicating a natural mineral – combining several readily available natural ingredients such as sand, cement, lime and gypsum. It has become a popular choice across Melbourne due to its modern and stylish look, while also providing strength and durability.

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These panels also offer other benefits, including:

  • Energy efficiency: Better thermal mass and resistance make these products an ideal choice for Australian building regulations. Additionally, they’re better for the environment – while also saving homeowners money.
  • Noise suppression: In comparison to other masonry materials, these panels have much better insulation qualities.
  • Sustainability: These products are made using readily available raw materials, and all waste generated during manufacturing is 100 per cent recycled.
  • Fire resistance: In tests by the CSIRO, these products achieved Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) ranging from 60 to 240 minutes. They also met or exceeded all six Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs) requirements.

Choose Hebel building products for your next flooring project in Melbourne

The PowerFloor range offers an innovative and ultra-lightweight flooring solution that is versatile and innovative at the same time. It uses the same steel-reinforced autoclaved (AAC) technology as the PowerPanel XL range, designed to boost indoor air quality and reduce humidity.

PowerPanel XL is strong, solid, corrosion-resistant, and contains corrosion-protected steel reinforcement for optimum strength and durability.

Whether you are looking to floor a comfortable living environment, a deck or a balcony, you will enjoy numerous benefits with this range, including thermal and acoustic insulation, plus panels that are just one-third the weight of traditional concrete.

Hebel flooring is simple to install, is fire-resistant, can be laid over conventional trusses and will form a robust and smooth floor with a solid foundation.

Complete your building project with our adhesives

The white cement-like Hebel adhesive is specially designed to bond block and panel wall elements built in compliance with technical specifications. This adhesive has been specifically formulated for use with PowerPanel and PowerFloor products (as well as cladding solutions), and is suitable for all interior or exterior construction projects.

Boardpro stocks the complete range of Hebel building products so you can enjoy all of the benefits for your next Melbourne construction project. Order online with us today.