Hebel PowerFloor

Powerfloor 1800 x 600 x 75 T&G

INC GST $70.38

Hebel PowerFloor

Hebel Bugle Head Screw 14-10 x 100mm (250/Box)

INC GST $54.60

Hebel PowerFloor

Sika Liquid Nails

INC GST $5.38

Hebel Accessories

Hebel Adhesive 20kg

INC GST $38.08

Hebel flooring systems

When building and designing a new residential home, you want to be assured you are using premium quality materials that will stand the test of time, and stand up to the everyday rigours and busy activities of modern family life.

PowerFloor is a stylish addition that provides your home with a sleek, modern look, and the feel of a solid concrete surface. This premium flooring system is made up of 75mm steel-reinforced AAC panels, which provides the perfect base for a range of coverings – such as tiles, carpets and timber boards. It can also be used outdoors for decks and balconies.

It’s a strong, durable material that can be installed over steel or timber joists – making it a solid investment choice when building your new abode.

Available in panel sizes of 1800mm x 600mm x 75mm. 

Why choose Hebel PowerFloor? 

All Hebel products are renowned throughout the industry for their strength and versatility, providing a sustainable choice for homeowners and families.

PowerFloor is an excellent choice as it is environmentally-friendly, fire-safe and will insulate your home, keeping the house warm in winter and cool through the summer. This makes your home all the more energy-efficient, reducing the cost of your power bills so you can enjoy living.

The material is lightweight and easy to build with, and also minimises noise travelling from room to room. It doesn’t squeak, bounce or flex as you walk across the room.

You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that PowerFloor is made with sturdy AAC autoclaved aerated concrete that’s lightweight and designed specifically for residential applications.

How to install Hebel’s flooring system 

This modular system of flooring panels can be fitted together using a range of Hebel products – including our Hebel adhesive, liquid nails and bugle head screws. Simply check out our related products below for all you need to get started on your installation.

For further information and advice, get in touch and contact our friendly, professional team of specialists at Boardpro today. We’re always on hand to discuss all of your product needs and project requirements.