Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel 50 2400 x 600 x 50

INC GST $66.08

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel 50 2550 x 600 x 50

INC GST $70.21

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel 50 2700 x 600 x 50

INC GST $74.34

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel 50 2850 x 600 x 50

INC GST $78.46

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel 50 3000 x 600 x 50

INC GST $82.59

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel XL 2550 x 600 x75

INC GST $78.33

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel XL 2400 x 600 x 75

INC GST $73.72

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel XL 2700 x 600 x 75

INC GST $82.93
Out of stock

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel XL 2850 x 600 x 75

INC GST $87.54
Out of stock

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel XL 3000 x 600 x 75

INC GST $92.15
Out of stock

Hebel PowerPanel

PowerPanel XL 3300 x 600 x 75

INC GST $101.36

Hebel PowerPanel

Texture Base Sheet 7.5mm 1200 x 2725

INC GST $47.73

Your official Hebel PowerPanel supplier in Melbourne

As we pride ourselves on being a leading residential plastering and external cladding contractor in Melbourne, Boardpro ensures that we only supply the best materials for plasterboard and cladding. 

We are dedicated to providing quality and value to our customers. Our premium range of Hebel products, including their PowerPanel systems, satisfy both of these requirements. As an industry leader in building supplies, this brand has earned a reputation as the best choice due to its aesthetic, functionality, ease of installation, and durability. We are proud to provide and install these solutions. 

Why Hebel PowerPanels are ideal for your Melbourne building project 

Hebel PowerPanel is a lightweight yet solid and durable masonry panel that can be used as external cladding. This is suitable for a wide variety of buildings and structures constructed on a timber or steel frame. 

These offer the advantages of traditional masonries, such as strength, fire resistance, and pest resistance. As well as superior acoustic and thermal insulation, they also enable quicker project completion thanks to a faster installation method than traditional masonry products.

CSR Building Products (CSR) has developed, manufactured, and marketed this brand of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) with steel reinforcement, coated with an anti-corrosion layer for maximum strength and durability. 

Reduce costs on your project 

In the past, builders and homeowners had to compromise on the render and paint finish they wanted for their front facades because of cost concerns, opting for a render finish over brick. 

Now a premium finish can be achieved within budget on single and double-storey homes using the Hebel external wall systems. PowerPanels cater to the price-conscious builder and homeowner without compromising functionality or overall aesthetics. 

Our range of PowerPanels offer excellent cost-efficiency over bricks or masonry, with higher resistance to cracking than alternative solutions such as exterior painted masonry or external brick walls. As a result, future maintenance costs are significantly reduced. 

These materials also have the equivalent surface area of around 90 standard bricks and can be installed in three minutes, making them a much quicker alternative to brick or block wall construction. 

Get set for your next renovation 

Due to their strong, versatile and resilient nature, Hebel products have grown increasingly influential in the residential construction market. Due to its superior thermal qualities, the building is less expensive to heat and cool, and its solid masonry walls improve acoustic insulation, resulting in an exceptional renovation or extension. 

Not only are the PowerPanel products perfect for new construction projects, but they’re also ideal for your next renovation as they’re an excellent solution for re-cladding properties during renovations or extension projects. PowerPanels are perfect for renovation projects designed with the Pod System, which combines modern building technology with elegant architectural design. 

Boardpro can also assist you with the full range of other products, including Hebel flooring and genuine Hebel adhesive, to bring your next project together in style. Speak to our team about our solutions today.